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The Pure Healing Cannabis Clinic is the first of its kind. Developed by two seasoned practitioners who have opened and run integrative clinics in both California and Morocco for over 21 years, our clinic combines a deep commitment to healing through holistic medicine alongside access to the highest quality cannabis products to empower that healing. 

While some clinics may have western doctors who can recommend cannabis as a pharmaceutical, we are highly unique in that we are holistic practitioners who come to cannabis as natural health practitioners and herbalists. Because we come from this perspective and believe cannabis is an herb, we understand the way that plant medicine works. We recommend cannabis in the same way we do the other plants we work with: in a highly personalized way meant to maximize its potency in each case. The first mention of cannabis as a healing herb dates back to 5,000 years in Chinese medicine. This is the tradition in which our practitioners are rooted. Because of this, we are able to maximize this powerful plant’s healing powers to its full potential. 

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